New Danish and Norwegian rates for travel allowance 2017 are now implemented in Ibistic – Read how this affects you

New standard rates for travel deduction, tax-free travel allowance, meal allowance and accommodation allowance for 2017 are now available. The tax authorities have set new rates of payment for tax-free travel allowance, accommodation allowance and meal allowance in Denmark and Norway. The rates are applicable from 1 January 2017 – this applies to both Denmark and Norway.

You are probably familiar with the fact, that it is the employer who is responsible for checking that all conditions regarding tax-free travel allowances are met when employees have travel expense reports or outlays. Including:

  • purpose of the travel
  • travel destination
  • date
  • mileage
  • calculation after current rates
  • employee used own vehicle for the travel

The new travel allowance rates from the tax authorities and are now implemented and up-to-date in Ibistic – ready for registration of employee and travel expense reports. This means that you don’t have to worry about calculating the rates correctly – this happens automatically. Read more about the changes in travel allowance rates below.

For further information about rules and travel allowance rates in Denmark visit SKAT's website here  or LOVDATA's website for information about Norway.

Find specific and detailed information about rules and rates for handling travel expense reimbursements on the Ibistic support pages.

Here we will give you a short preview. To summarise, these are the concrete changes for the two countries:


Danish travel allowance rates

The rate for tax-free travel allowance has increased, while the rate for mileage allowance has experienced a decrease.

The rate for travel deductions and tax-free travel allowance for 2017 is set at 487 DKK per day for meals and has thus increased from 477 DKK per day in 2016. The rate for accommodation for 2017 is set to 209 DKK per day and has also increased from the 205 DKK per day in 2016.

The mileage allowance rates in Denmark have decreased:

  • Up to 20.000 km per year 3,53 DKK/km in 2017 - from 3,63 DKK in 2016.
  • From 20.000 km per year 1,93 DKK/km in 2017 - from 1,99 DKK in 2016.
  • Bicycle/moped 0,52 DKK/km in 2017 – the same as in 2016 0,52 DKK


See all Danish rates for 2017/2016 at SKAT’s website or see this short overview below.




Travel allowance DK


Mileage allowance DK



Mileage rates, accommodation allowance rates and meal allowance rates abroad remain unchanged – and thus the rates set for 2016 are applicable. While rates for meal allowance and accommodation allowance within Norway increase for 2017. For detailed information about the norwegian mileage and travel allowance rates go to our support helpdesk. A norwegian version is also available.


Travel allowance Norway (Meals)



Find help or information about processing business travel expense reports and outlays at Ibistics helpdesk or read about our solution Ibistic Travel and Expense