The Danish financial newspaper Dagbladet Børsen celebrates the Danish business growth elite

- and award the fastest growing companies with a prize – the so-called Gazelle companies. This year Ibistic is one of the proud Gazelle-prize winners.


The annual gazelle survey has been compiled since 1995 with the purpose of identifying the fastest growing companies in Denmark. In other words, the hunt for the Gazelle Prize is the hunt for the Danish business role models:

 "Gazelles are role models. They generate jobs, growth and optimism.", according to Niels Lunde, editor in chief of the Danish financial newspaper, Børsen.


To qualify as a Gazelle company, there are a number of strict requirements, which the company must meet. A Gazelle company is a high-growth company. Among other things the company must have experienced a positive growth and overall, at the least, doubled its revenues over a four-year period. The data used by Børsen for the selection is based on figures from the Danish Business Authority.


"The selection as a Gazelle company, I see as a great recognition of the work of Ibistic and not least as a recognition of our customers and skilled partners who put their trust in the services we provide. It is an honor to be part of the selected Gazelle bunch, and I am proud of the efforts that the employees at Ibistic muster every day.", says Jesper Brunkel, CEO at Ibistic.


The winners are selected among the 300.000 active companies in Denmark (Danmarks Statistik). Read more about the criteria for being selected as a Gazelle by Børsen here