What's New? An effective Credit Card Integration for You!

We constantly aim to improve at Ibistic - one of our latest improvements is this feature for you - The New Integration for Mastercard from Nykredit!  Ibistic now offers a new credit card integration as a service for the customers who use Ibistic Travel and Expense for travel expense claims, outlays and expense settlements. This means that you can now easily connect your Nykredit Mastercard and swiftly transfer your - or your colleagues' transactions to your accounting system or to Ibistic. The integration is easy to configure and we will set it up for you without any extra costs for you who already use Ibistic.

With this new credit card integration and existing standard integrations for a number of credit cards, you can get the most out of your travel and expense management with Ibistic - while enjoying life. When you or your colleagues use your affiliated company card(s), Ibistic receives transactions directly in the solution. The only thing that is missing, is for you to to add the travel expense document and send it for approval. The following information, for example, is automatically filled out:

  • Amount and Currency
  • Document text
  • Date
  • Selecting Coding Account

Are you interested in seeing more available options for Credit Card Integration with Ibistic Travel & Expense, you will find detailed information about the individual Credit Card Integration types via The Ibistic Helpdesk just click the link above or read on here and see an overview over some of the integration options. Via Ibistic's Helpdesk you will also find assistance in getting started with the individual credit card set up.

Credit Card Integrations for Ibistic Travel & Expense


Integration with Nordea First Card

Receive your Nordea First Card transactions directly in Ibistic Travel and Expense for outlays and travel expenses - less work for you, almost no manually pasting of information.

Find more information on Nordea's website about the benefits of this type of credit card.


Integration with Diners Club SEB

When you or your colleagues use your Diners Club card, Ibistic receives the transactions directly in the solution. All that is missing is for you to add the travel document and an approval from your side.

Read more about Diners Club from SEB here.


Integration with Eurocard SEB

The solution for travel expenses and employee outlays is optimally utilised with the standard integration for Eurocard from SEB. Just like the other two integration types, you receive transactions directly and don't have to manually enter a ton of data.

Read more about Eurocard here.


Integration with Mastercard from Handelsbanken

With the integration for Mastercard from Handelsbanken the credit card transaction is already registered in Ibistic and ready for processing only a few days after the purchase have been made.

Find further information about Handelsbanken and credit card types here.


Integration with Mastercard from Sydbank

Same benefits - get your transactions directly transferred. It's easy to get started. Contact your bank adviser at Sydbank, and send a proxy to be signed. Ibistic handles the rest.

Find more information via Sydbank here.


Integration with Mastercard from Danske Bank

The cooperation between Danske Bank and Ibistic ensures your optimal use of Ibistic's solution for Travel & Expense Management. Every time you or your colleagues use your Mastercard from Danske Bank, Ibistic receives the transactions.

See more about card types on Danske Bank's own website.


Integration with Mastercard from Jyske Bank

Receive Mastercard transactions from Jyske Bank directly in Ibistic's solution for travel expense settlements - it's a step less for you and your accounting department.

Read more about company cards at Jyske Bank on their website.