Tips and Guides from User Forum 2017

6 Key Takeaways from User Forum 2017

Ibistic User Forum took place on May 19th in Oslo. Here we will give you a list of the 6 «Key Takeaways and tips» from the presentations.

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General notes about Ibistic Support

We may be contacted by mail (, phone (+47 2328 4750) or chat widget on Our support is open Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00. To make it easier for users to keep up-to-date on Operational status, you will find information here. Furthermore, User guides are located in our Help Center.

When creating a ticket we recommend including information which enables the quickest possible processing of the case/issue. Include name / username, accounting unit, and document number if relevant. In addition, you may want to include error code, screenshot, / description, and any other relevant files and logs.

Typical incidents include data capture of invoices, administration of offices and users / login issues, user interface, integration, workflow, change requests and feature requests for our product department.


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Data Capture

Our scanning partner, Kollektor, gave a presentation about the OCR data capture process for invoices. Afterwards, Ibistic gave tips on how to reduce the error percentage, for example by explaining how to ensure good quality of the scanned invoice image. For invoicedrop, we recommend system generated PDF or TIFF in 300 DPI, black & white, Text (more about Invoicedrop).

When a datacapture / scanning error is reported, we recommend that you remember to inform us which accounting unit the document arrived in, and the invoice number. There is a report under Reports -> Log -> Invoicedrop: received invoices, which at any time gives status on documents delivered to invoicedrop. In addition to the above mentioned, we discussed several typical error scenarios.

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We explained how certain routines can be beneficial with the aim to avoid errors in integration. Via the following pages you will find guides which documents these points in detail here:

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Electronic Supplier Activation

The infrastructure for electronic procurement in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe was explained, and what is happening in the market right now. There are great benefits advancing from paper or PDF/TIFF invoices to electronic invoices. It is faster, with no interpretation errors, and cheaper. It was explained how customers may be activated in PEPPOL/ELMA (or OIOUBL for Nemhandel in Denmark). Contact Ibistic Support for more information.

The Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo gave a presentation regarding their success story activating their suppliers for electronic invoices. Subsequently, our partner Netwino gave a presentation about electronic supplier activation project and Smartbook.

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Additional modules and services

Various additional modules which may be configured were demonstrated, and you can find links to prices through this link.

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Ibistic Travel & Expense


Our expense solution was presented - find more information about it by clicking here.