Now it's easy to find information about integration to Ibistic for e-conomic users

We know that the accounting program e-conomic is a preferred and popular choice among many (more than 100,000 customers) companies and accountants - not least among our clients, therefore we want to make it easier to find the information required about setup, services, prices, etc. for e-conomic users.


In other words, we have created a page in which you will find information about prices and two short video guides demonstrating the benefits of using e-conomic and Ibistic services as a combined service. Ibistics services run completely as e-conomic - 100 percent web-based -meaning that you simply enter via your preferred internet browser and login. Has the subject caught your interest and you simply wish to watch a short introductory video straight away, then you will find it right here:


• See the short video on Ibistic Invoice handling of supplier invoices

• See the short video on Ibistic Travel & Expense for easy management of employee expenses and travel expenses.


 Would you like to know a little about what others really think about the experience of combining the two software systems, you can find user comments and experiences on the bottom of the page. These represent the opinions of customers and users of both e-conomic and Ibistic services.


How it works -  Ibistic and e-conomic combined

"We spend less time on routine tasks of entering vendor invoices why we get more time to provide meaningful reporting to our customers and thus create a real value. The system offices; their automatic & individual end-users can be assigned to "approve roles" so that, for example, a director or project manager can continuously log on, in which case he can approve or reject incoming invoices. " Stig Larsen, Larsen Finance & Administration


One of the companies that have chosen the offer to combine Ibistic and e-conomics software solutions is the accounting and administration bureau, Larsen Finance & Administration for small and medium-sized enterprises. Stig Larsen says they have benefited from the implementation and among other things has experienced a significant streamlining of the customers who have been transferred to Ibistic.


By combining the two Web-based solutions you provide your company with a useful tool that will make you climb onboard onto the digital world and facilitate your everyday eliminating most paper work.