Terms and conditions

Ibistic for Reviso

Date of the agreement
The subscription (the ”Agreement”) between Ibistic Technologies Denmark A/S (”Ibistic”) and the Customer becomes valid upon signing of the subscription form. Accounting bureaux or other third parties may sign an Agreement on the Customer’s behalf, but are obliged to inform the Customer of these terms and conditions.

§1 Duration

The Agreement takes effect on receipt of access to the solution with documentation necessary for its use and runs with 3 months’ notice.

A standard cooling-off period of 14 days applies. In addition, a further 14-day cooling-off period applies on payment of 3 month’s fixed charge for ordered items.

§2 Scope and right of use

The Agreement accords a right of use of Ibistic Services and any selected add-on modules. The right of use of Ibistic Services applies only to the legal entity that has ordered the subscription. In the event of misuse, the subscription may be terminated without notice.

§3.   Termination

The Agreement may be terminated one month before expiry, either by letter or by e-mail to info@ibistic.com. The Agreement may not be terminated for an already subscribed period. If the Customer misuses Ibistic Services, Ibistic may terminate the Agreement without notice.

§4.   Invoicing and payment terms

The subscription is invoiced quarterly in advance and transaction charges including data capture are invoiced monthly in arrears.

Payment terms are 8 days net from invoice date.

§5.   The Customer’s data

The Customer owns and has the free disposal of data in Ibistic Services. On termination of the Agreement, the Customer may purchase a data extract on DVD for GBP 55, 00. The Customer’s data will be stored as a separate copy for at least 90 days following termination of the Agreement. The data will then not be available except via DVD as mentioned.

§6.   Operation of Ibistic Invoice System

Ibistic operates the Servies on the servers of sub-suppliers of its own choice in order to maintain a high level of service availability (> 99%), data security and economical operating costs.

§7.   Changes and maintenance

Ibistic, as the supplier of the service, reserves the right to undertake updates and enhancements to Ibistic Serviecs. In this connection, it may be necessary to remove access to the Servies. In this case, at least 8 days’ notice will be given and the interruptions will, in the main, take place outside of normal working hours.

§8.   Price increases

Ibistic shall notify any price increases at least 3 months in advance. Price increases corresponding to increases in relevant service indexes from relevant Statistics in Denmark do not need to be notified in advance.

§9.   Rights

Ibistic Servies are copyright protected and is the property in its entirety of Ibistic’s Danish parent company, Ibistic International A/S. To the extent that development or customisation of Ibistic Services are done in conjunction with the Customer or based on ideas, input, inspiration, suggestions or similar from the Customer, all intellectual property rights deriving from such development or customisation shall be the property of Ibistic and the Customer shall not be entitled to any form of remuneration or compensation for this. The Agreement may not be transferred to a third party without the counterparty’s prior written consent. This notwithstanding, Ibistic has the right to transfer rights and obligations ensuing from this Agreement, without the Customer’s consent, to a company controlled by Ibistic International A/S or to a third party that the business operation is transferred to.

§10. Liability for damages

Ibistic’s liability to the Customer in the event of any claim for damages in respect of this Agreement shall not, in its entirety, exceed GBP 500. Ibistic is not liable for operational losses, consequential damage, faulty data capture or other indirect loss.

§11. Confidentiality

Information about the Customer and the Customer’s circumstances that Ibistic becomes aware of on the basis of the Agreement will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties without the Customer’s written consent, unless Ibistic is ordered by a court of law to supply the information.

§12. Authority

The Customer authorises Ibistic to receive e-invoices on the Customer’s behalf, also with the assistance of a third party.

Ibistic has the authority to change sub-suppliers of services to Ibistic and Ibistic’s Customers, in sofar as these services are included in the Agreement. The services included in the Agreement are listed in the Subscription form.

The Customer gives Ibistic the authority to notify the relevant statutory authorities of the type of accounting vouchers that the Customer stores with Ibistic abroad pursuant to the Customers national law.

§13. Disputes

Any dispute ensuing from this Agreement shall in the first instance be brought before “Byretten i København”.