Ibistic Travel & Expense

Automate the handling of Travels, Expenses and costs

Save time and money…. Streamline your processes for travel and expense management, travel request and pre-approval of expenses and travels


Personal outlays and Credit Card purchases


Automize your approval processes for Expense and Travels


Register mileage with google maps integration and government rates and rules


Ibistic gives you a complete overview and control of your Expense and Travels


Automatic calculation of per-diem and travel allowances according to government rules and rates


Ibistic ensures, that your procedures and business processes are followed


Focus on what you do best

Use your time doing what you are best at – Save time with the Ibistic Travel and Expense management system

Ibistic does most of the work for you, when registering Travels and Expense, so that my colleagues and I can use our time more efficiently and user our time on what matters for our company

Anders K.
Anders K.
Sales Manager

Connect Ibistic with your company’s other tools and system

Take full advantage of Ibistic by integrating directly with Banks, Credit Card Providers, ERP-systems, Payroll Systems and more…

No more lost receipts and boring paperwork

Take a picture of your receipts with our app, while you are on the go. It is fast and easy. Expenses are automatically categorized

Get control of your company’s expenses

Ibistic is the ideal solution for you, to give you a complete overview of your expenses – free yourself from paperwork and ease your team's workload. Ibistic integrates and synchronizes with your ERP-system

Travel ordering and pre-approval of expenses

Ibistic also supports ordering of travel and pre-approval of expenses. Requests can be sent for approval, before the expense or trip occurs

Free support

We always offer free and unlimited support. Our team is ready to help you…

Benefits for the whole company

Spend your time wisely. Let Ibistic help your team with an efficient and simple method to register expenses, outlays, mileage and travel. Ibistic is highly flexible and all registration and approval can be done on the go with our app or at the office when it suites them. Connect your corporate Credit Card transactions with Ibistic and save time compared with manual registration. No more lost or wrinkled receipts.

With Ibistic, the Accounts Department gets a complete overview of all expenses and will have what it needs to ensure correct bookkeeping. They are in control of the whole process and can optimize their time by doing fewer manual entries freeing up time for more control and other tasks. And because Ibistic is fully integrated to the ERP-system the accounts department will also spend less time doing manual updates.

Ibistic ensures that you are compliant with your internal processes. Get a full overview of your processes and gain insight into how you spend your money, who spends it and who approved each expense. Your employees will thank you as well, by relieving them from slow and boring manual entries. Who doesn’t want that?