Help for ordering Ibistic solutions

It is easy to order Ibistic for e-conomic. Just follow the steps below and you are on your way.

We will take care of setting up your Ibistic - and as soon as you receive login information via e-mail, you can start using your Ibistic solution.


Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions here: Read terms

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How do I add the module "API"?

  1. Log in to e-conomic

  2. Select "All settings" in the menu "Settings"

  3. I the left tab, select "Subscription Status" in the menu "Subscriptions"

  4. Mark the addon module "API"

  5. Mark "Access" and click the "Save" button

See instructions here...

How do I add the Ibistic / e-conomic app?

  1. Click on this link

  2. Click "Add app"

  3. Copy the ID/Token shown

  4. Paste the ID/Token into the order form --->

See instructions here...

Ibistic Invoice system
The first 500 invoices per year are included in all solutions. Additional invoices are billed at DKK 4,00/pcs
Ibistic Travel & Expense
Company- and contact information
e-conomic information
Type in your e-conomic business license number. Must be the license number belonging to the company in question - not the license number of an administrator
Set-up in e-conomic *
Yes I have added the Ibistic app for economic via this link https://secure.e-conomic.com/secure/api1/requestaccess.aspx?appPublicToken=BSh2LEtZBLElrtKvZHODT5K5HSc3qRRo4GbBJwIvL3Y1
You are welcome to type in any comment here. If you are an Ibistic Partner setting up on behalf of a customer - type in your username or portal here.
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