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Agreement terms

This agreement is entered with 24SevenOffice and with Ibistic Technologies AS, as a subcontractor. 24SevenOffice will invoice use for Ibistic services as part of your normal 24SevenOffice charges.

The subscription agreement is entered with 24SevenOffice, who will invoice you for your chosen services, as part of your normal service charges.

The price includes:

  • Receival of supplier invoices via e-mail in TIFF and PDF formats - including scanning

  • verification and delivery to Ibistic

  • 99.8% scanning accuracy

  • You own @invoicedrop.com email address for receiving and processing supplier invoices

  • Access point for receival of EFH and PEPPOL documents

  • Integration setup

  • Maintenance and system updates

  • Electronic document archive

  • Storage as mandated by laws and regulations

  • Backup and security

  • Free support

  • Unlimited users