You have probably already discovered how e-conomics online accounting system can help you to a simpler life with accounting and billing. If you have, then you would probably be interested in hearing this – Now you can get even more out of e-conomic. Ibistic has developed an intelligent addon to online invoice processing and management  

 - and an app for handling travel expenses and reimbursements on your smartphone the easy way. Ibistics applications are specifically developed as an addon to e-conomic users, and allows you to streamline the workflow for your accountants, bookkeeper, accounting department and other employees. Ibistic has many years of experience in the industry and our solutions are based on a solid understanding

 of the challenges within invoice handling and reporting of travel expenses and outlays. The Ibistic solutions are beneficial for both small, medium sized and large businesses regardless of industry. If you have any special requests, we will be happy to tailor a solution for the needs of your business anytime.




Let Ibistic automate your handling of supplier invoices with automatic approval flow, billing and receiving invoices via scanning. Ibistic Invoice for electronic invoice processing and scanning of supplier invoices is fully integrated with e-conomic and all data is automatically transferred. Save time and money – set-up is free!


* Always free set-up, unlimited number of users and free support.





If you or your employees often are on the move, then Ibistic Travel and Expense for travel reimbursement is just the solution for you. Cope with travel expenses, outlays, allowances, transportation or other employee expenses straight from your smartphone even before you get back into the office. Travel reimbursements are automatically sent to the approval flow and subsequently sent to e-conomic for final accounting.


* Always free set-up, unlimited number of users, credit card integration and free support.




Integration should not be a drag. That is why we have made sure that all data between e-conomic and Ibistic solutions work together and not against each other. This means - no manual input or ouput from your side, since all data is automatically exchanged between e-conomic and Ibistic. Ibistic constantly loads your master data from e-conomic and sends approved and supplier invoices, travel expenses, outlays and expense reports directly to a journal entry in e-conomic of your own choice. 


Full solution or separate module

In case you only find the need to implement our module for handling of supplier invoices to your e-conomic solution, but later discover a need for a travel settlement solution as our app for travel reimbursement and expense registration support, the module can easily be added later on.